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-Cedar & Hyde: You can refill bottles with nontoxic cleaning supplies made by Common Good.
-Ku Cha House of Tea: This spot has hundreds of loose-leaf teas that you can bring home in your own containers.
-Rebecca's Apothecary: Many of their herbs are sold in glass jars, and they have a wall of bulk essential oils, herbs, and teas.
-Refill Revolution: At this zero waste store, you can purchase a variety of zero waste home essentials (cloth produce bags, reusable coffee mugs, compostable wooden dish brushes), as well as bulk cleaning, hygiene, and DIY ingredients. Choose from their amazing selection of bulk ingredients, which includes deodorant, essential oils, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, Castile soap, salts, epsom salt, clays, charcoal, herbs, body care herbs, carrier oils, witch hazel, cocoa butter, Shea butter, coconut oil, tooth powder, all-purpose cleaning, bathroom cleaner, dish soap, dish detergent, glass cleaner, laundry soap, and more.

Colorado Springs

-Conscious Living Shop: Bulk home and personal care products,
-Simple Body Products: This spot has a refill station for bulk personal care products.


-Apothecary Tinctura: You can find bulk essential oils, tinctures, herbs, spices, teas, and other natural remedies.
-Capital Tea: Bulk, loose-leaf tea available for purchase in your own containers.
-EcoMountain Home Store: This spot sells a wide variety of eco-friendly home products, including bulk Castile soap.
-Homefill: Bulk body care, laundry, and household products, as well as zero waste tools. Many offerings are organic and sourced from Colorado companies.
-Joy Fill: Find bulk home cleaning and personal care supplies, in addition to zero waste basics. Options include bulk shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soaps, bath salts, deodorant, dish soap, laundry detergent, and lots more. Find their full list of bulk offerings here."
-NOOCH Vegan Market: These folks have a small bulk sections that includes grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and foods that may be especially helpful to vegetarians and vegans, including TVP, vital wheat gluten, and nutritional yeast.
-The Zero Market: Sells bulk DIY supplies, beauty supplies, household cleaners, bulk oils and essential oils, hygiene products (face wash, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, mouthwash, face and body oil, massage oil, coconut oil, bug spray, and much more), on-tap kombucha, DIY ingredients, bulk herbs, spices, and teas, and zero waste home essentials such as reusable bulk bags. 


-Beer growler fills: You can fill up a growler at a local brewery like Animas Brewing Company, BREW, Carver's, Durango Brewing Company, or Steamworks. BREW even has a mason jar refill program!
-Cream Bean Berry: Offers ice cream in refillable, returnable growlers. (Amazing!).
-Durango Natural Foods: Bulk dry pantry goods (like grains, flours, granola, baking supplies, herbs, spices, tea, and more), Strauss dairy products in returnable glass, and cleaning supplies for your home.
-Nature's Oasis: Allows customers to use their own containers to purchase bulk items like flour, beans, nuts, granola, snack foods, and more. They also have cleaning and personal care products in bulk. At their deli, you can also use your own containers to purchase prepared foods, meats, and cheeses. Located inside Nature's Oasis is Sunnyside Farms Market, and they are generally supportive of customers purchasing meats and seafood in their own containers. 
-WeFill: Bulk personal care and home cleaning supplies. You can find a full list of their products here.


-Fill & Refill: This refill store offers bulk personal care products like soaps and shampoos, household cleaning products like all-purpose cleaners and laundry soaps, and DIY ingredients. You can find a more complete list of their product offerings here.

Fort Collins

-Fort Collins Food Co-op: Encourages customers to bring their own containers to fill up on any of their bulk items: grains, rice, nuts, flour, granola, sugar, cookies, pasta, salt, dried fruit, and even tortilla chips!


-Juniperseed Mercantile: These folks are a small-batch manufacturer of sustainable lifestyle products, including bath and body, cleaning products, cloth diapering and breastfeeding support, and alternatives to disposable products (napkins, paper towels, swiffer pads, cosmetic poufs, and facial tissues). At their storefront, customers can refill their own bottles and jars from their bulk bottles: things like facial toner and other beauty supplies, home cleaning products, and more.


-Simply Bulk Market: Bring your own container to purchase any of their bulk items - of which they offer over 500! Choices abound here: dry goods, spices, pet supplies, household cleaners, laundry detergent, personal care products (shampoo, skin care, and liquid soap).

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