-Calgary: Save all of your food waste until 2017, when the city is rolling out its curbside compost collection program. Just kidding about that first part - but it's exciting, isn't it?

-Edmonton: The city separates organic matter out of the waste stream to compost - you can learn more about that system here. Edmonton also boasts a Compost School where you can build a worm bin, try out tools, see Bokashi composting in action, use a composting toilet, and take workshops.


-Victoria: If you don't have room for a compost pile of your own or don't want to maintain it, Community Composting will provide and replace a container for your compost each month. You can call for your leaves and other yard matter to be picked up using the number found here. If you'd like to maintain your own backyard compost heap, you can get started at the Compost Education Centre, which has all sorts of resources to help you learn and troubleshoot.

-Vancouver: The city of Vancouver uses green bins to collect residential composting waste! So great. You can read more about their program, here.


-Winnipeg: The Green Action Centre can help get you started with home composting, or composting for your business. And the city is considering citywide curbside food scrap collection; contact your representatives to support the measure.


-Fredericton: The city supports backyard composting, and offers resources to help you get started, here.

-Saint John: The city collects compost! Easy, peasy. Learn more here.


-Halifax: The city offers curbside pickup of food scraps in green carts. Find a list of what can be added to the carts, here.


-Hamilton: Hamilton offers a green bin program, where the city picks up and diverts your food scraps and yard waste.

-Ottawa: Ottawa offers curbside collections of specialized green bins containing food scraps and yard trimmings. To learn more, including what should or should not go in your bin, visit the city's website.

-Toronto: The City of Toronto offers a green bin collection service. Awesome!


-Charlottetown: From what I can tell, green bins containing compostable materials are collected by the city.


-Montreal: Residents of St-Henri can take advantage of municipal composting offered by the city's pilot program. Other residents can look into Compost Montreal, a food scrap collection service that picks up compost for a small fee.


-Saskatoon: To get a free visit from a home composting coach or a rebate off a composting bin, visit the City of Saskatoon website.

-Regina: On certain dates throughout the year, you can drop off leaves, yard waste, and trimmings at sites throughout the city; learn more here.