Upcoming Zero Waste Events | Litterless

Madison, WI

-December 8: Alongside Rowan Tree Bath Works, Blue Daisi, and Green Life Trading Co., hosting a DIY Custom Face Oil Workshop! From 2 - 4 pm, we’ll learn how to make facial oils that suit our individual skin needs, all from low-waste ingredients. The cost for each oil you make is $15, and registration in advance is required. Learn more and RSVP here.

Elkhart, IN

-December 14: From 5 to 6 pm, I’ll be Skyping in to share a talk on zero waste (and answer lots of questions!), presented for free through the Elkhart County Parks Department. If you’re local, find more details and pre-register (required) here.


For inquiries about hosting an event together - whether a speaking engagement, taking part in a panel discussion, an Introduction to Zero Waste workshop, a DIY tutorial, or something else you have in mind - please get in touch by email.