A Year of Zero (Ish) Waste

Happy 2019! To ring in the New Year, a look back at a few of my favorite posts from last year, one from each month of the year:

De-mystifying and de-fancying cloth napkins in January.

How to switch to cloth napkins for a zero waste home | Litterless

In February, same thing for cleaning without paper towels.

Cleaning without paper towels in a zero waste home | Litterless

In March, assembling a simple zero waste grocery kit.

How to build a zero waste grocery kit | Litterless
Zero waste, bulk food shopping at grocery stores in London | Litterless

Figuring out where to donate rubber bands in May.

Where to donate rubber bands for a zero waste home | Litterless

Berry buying (and moving!) in June.

How to buy berries without plastic | Litterless

July, plastic-free food storage without buying anything new. (Featuring the last of June’s asparagus).

Plastic-free food storage in a zero waste kitchen, without buying anything new | Litterless

Zero waste school supply explorations in August.

Zero waste school supplies | Litterless

In September, a paean to swapping.

Resources for zero waste swaps | Litterless
Zero waste razors and shaving when traveling by airplane | Litterless

And in November, the same for thrift stores.

A zero waste thrift store tip for secondhand shopping | Litterless
On zero waste and simplicity | Litterless

Many thanks to you for reading last year and this. Here’s to a 2019 full of small changes that add up to big changes. Any waste-y resolutions you’re working toward this year?

(Final photograph by Anna Zajac for Litterless).