A Year of Zero Waste

Happy (almost) New Year, folks. To ring out 2017, a look back at a few of my favorite posts, one from each month of the year:

In January, the simplest switch.

Simple zero waste swap: bring your own chopsticks to restaurants as needed | Litterless
How to use a furoshiki cloth to reduce plastic use and stay zero waste | Litterless
How to build a zero waste restaurant kit | Litterless

In April, minimizing nicks.

How to use a reusable stainless steel razor | Litterless
A primer on how to shop for secondhand clothing | Litterless

June, encouragement to make simple zero waste requests.

At coffee shops, restaurants, and more: what to say when making zero waste requests | Litterless

In July, a how-to for composting while traveling.

How to compost while traveling | Litterless

For August, perhaps the simplest tip yet.

Simple zero waste swap: bar soap instead of pump soap in a plastic bottle | Litterless
Staying zero waste in San Fransisco and the Bay Area | Litterless
How to stay zero waste on a long flight | Litterless

In November, playing favorites. (Plus, a simple DIY here).

Essentials for going zero waste | Litterless
How to wrap gifts zero waste style | Litterless

Many thanks to you for following along this year. I'll be back to regular posting next week, to dive into 2018 together.