City Garden: Air-Filtering Plants

Despite all of the best intentions, the onset of winter means more time spent indoors. Indoor air tends to be more toxic than outdoor air, and especially so in the winter when doors and windows are kept tightly shut. So, there's never been a better time to attend to that all-important, all-boring matter of... air quality!

I always like to keep solutions to these types of things simple, beautiful, and natural, if possible (for example, using charcoal water filters instead of plastic). So, this January, a good way to start is by purchasing a few houseplants. In addition to being lovely, plants have powerful air-cleaning properties. They can filter out benzene and toluene from car exhaust, formaldehyde from cleaning products, and much more. So amazing.

A few of the most common houseplants with air filtration benefits are spider plants, snake plants, aloe vera, ficuses, and peace lilies. You can read a more complete list (and see if any of your favorite plants are on it!) here. I recently purchased a snake plant (above), and have found it to be really easy to care for. Plus, it brightens up my space and reminds me of brighter, greener days. Do you have any favorite indoor plants?