How I Compost: Amira


Amira Izruna writes about living simply and sustainably in her home of Turkey on her beautiful site. I interviewed her to get the scoop on how she composts. Here's Amira:

One of the ways we reduce waste is by giving back to the earth (I like to think it's some kind of thank you!). We collect our food waste which is stored in the freezer, to avoid smell throughout the week. So once we've got a bag full of food waste, it's then ready for rotting. For the time being we just dig a hole in the back yard and pour it in, simple! To avoid unwanted pests we make sure not to include meat or any animal bones. I'm looking into getting a clay pot for rotting as used by many to help this composting process. If you live elsewhere, you may have local food composting 'bins' that you can use instead.

Above is a photograph of our weekly food waste. Mainly skins from our fruits, and a few leftovers. What a wonderful world we live in, that our food is colourful with biodegradable 'packaging'!

You can see more from Amira by visiting her blog, here. And if you want to learn more about this type of composting, I featured a super thorough overview about it here.