Apple Picking

Apple picking for a simple, seasonal fall activity | Litterless

This past weekend, I visited my boyfriend up in Wisconsin. We biked to the farmers market, sat by the lake, baked bread, crunched through piles of leaves, and went apple picking.

I’ve written before about the fact that I trend away from seasonal gimmicks, from plastic lawn ornaments, dollar-bin decor, and big to-dos. Instead, time spent outdoors reveling in the weather and scenery and plant life is easy, uncomplicated, and puts a huge smile on my face.

In the fall, that makes apple picking a wonderful choice. We headed a few minutes outside of the city to an orchard, and spent a happy afternoon filling bags and stomachs with Johnagolds and Golden Deliciouses. When we got home, we baked a pie and a crumble, suffusing the house with warmth and cinnamon smells and happy occupants. 

If you’re hunting for a similarly tasty, idyllic fall weekend, Google your nearest orchard and go for it. And, if you pick a few too many apples because you just can’t get enough of the blue sky and bright fields and heavy globes of fruit? Send me an email and we’ll swap recipes.

What did you do this weekend? Would love to hear - hope it was a good one.