Back in August

Simple zero waste | Litterless

Consider this the Internet equivalent of a “Gone Fishing” sign.  As I mentioned, I’m taking a few months away from Litterless, both here and on social media, to travel with my partner. You can sign up to get an email for my first post back here.

While I’m away, there’s still lots to explore on Litterless! Click on a category at right to delve into the archives. If you’re new to zero waste, you can find a round-up of simple tips for beginners under Getting Started. A few other suggestions oforplaces to browse are in Nothing New, Food Waste, and Travel, or for longer reads you’ll find that Essays is the right spot.

A few housekeeping notes: 

-I’ll be periodically dropping by my inbox, but will be deleting most emails rather than responding, except to matters that are extremely urgent or important. If you email me and I don’t respond, please send your email again after August 1, and I’ll be sure to get back to you then. (Promise!)

-I won’t update the Where to Shop and Where to Compost guides as frequently when I’m gone, so they may get slightly out-of-date. As always, pop by the store’s website yourself before dropping by a grocery store to confirm its hours. Please feel free to continue to send me updates to the guides if you have suggestions for places to add or remove, and I’ll address them en masse when I return later this summer, if I’m not able to get to them all while traveling. 

I’m grateful for your readership over the years and to the many thoughtful comments, bulk grocery store and compost service submissions, and the conversations we’re had here. Hoping you have a good few months, and see you back here this summer!

(Photos by Anna Zajac for Litterless).