bulk pantries.

Foods bought in bulk are so beautiful, don't you think? They make pantries sparkle with real food, not with plastic. Each ingredient becomes visible when stored in glass jars, instead of hidden away in paper cartons or plastic containers. I love bringing my bulk bags home from the grocery store and decanting each food into its jar, hearing lentils ping off the funnel I'm using, or seeing a little cloud of cocoa powder puff up as I pour. Reaching for a few jars of ingredients when cooking dinner, the lack of plastic packaging and ingredient labels always reminds me that I'm eating real, whole food. I love that.

Of course, your bulk pantry needn't look like these (mine sure doesn't). You can store your dry goods in whatever you have on hand - glass peanut butter jars saved over the years, or a motley collection of jars found at a local thrift store. But, these images are lovely reminders of how beautiful a simple, zero waste home can be. How making small changes can mean getting so much more than you're giving up.

In case you're new to shopping from the bulk wall of the grocery, you can find a how-to guide here (it's easy!), and search for grocery stores in your area that allow (or even welcome!) you to purchase food in containers brought from home, here. Happy Friday, friends!

Photographs, clockwise from top left: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6.