City Garden, Indoors

Screen Shot 2001-01-01 at 8.48.07 AM.png

I was looking through a few old pictures lately and found this one of a windowsill at my last apartment. Rosemary, mint, sage, and chives cohabitate with aloe and a tiny succulent. I really love this photograph because to me it looks like such bounty – living in a small space but still growing all of those herbs that I used so frequently. 

This is a good reminder to myself that growing food doesn’t have to be an all (you have a big yard or you live in the country) or nothing (you don’t have a yard or you live in a city) proposition. Instead, you can choose to grow a little bit in lieu of nothing at all, and your table can be richer for it.

A few more thoughts on growing your own food in small spaces, coming at you next Tuesday – check back soon.