More Chicago Resources

Today we've got the next installment of: alienating my non-Chicago readers by posting too frequently about Chicago. Just kidding! I've finally devoted a section of my page to all things Chicago, so that I can keep these posts to the minimum for the rest of you who live elsewhere.

On the Chicago page, I'll keep news, links, information about events around town you might like, resources by other Chicago-area folks, and more. Access it anytime in the menu up top, or click here. For friends and readers in the Chicago area, I hope you find it helpful! For everyone else, stay tuned for business as usual - another post (this time, an autumn-themed DIY) coming your way Thursday.

Update: I've removed my Chicago page, because alongside friends I've started Zero Waste Chicago, an environmental organization dedicated to building a zero waste community here in the Windy City. You can find us at our website, on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!