A few weeks back, I spotted this copy of The New Yorker in my parents' recycling stack and grabbed it, excited for the read. Once I finished, I passed it along to my boyfriend, also a New Yorker fan. When he's done, we'll take it to a local Little Free Library and leave it there for a passerby to take, read, and return.

I really love the idea of circulation, that many people can read and enjoy the same thing, passing it along to others once finished. There are so many reading materials - books, magazines, newspaper sections - that can be read once and then passed along.

Books can be sold to secondhand shops, lent to friends or swapped for another book, donated to your library book sale or school, or dropped off at your nearest Little Free Library. Erin's neighborhood features an informal stoop swap, where books left on stairs and sidewalks get scooped up by their next readers.

Magazines can be sold to Half Price Books, given to a friend (or even a stranger next to you on an airplane), or left in the waiting room with other magazines if you're at a doctor or dentist appointment. Blacking out the address with a marker first, instead of ripping it out, keeps the magazine in better shape and ensures its longer life.

Other ideas for getting those items used before they hit the recycling bin: If you finish your newspaper in the morning, can you take it with you when you grab coffee from a nearby coffee shop and leave neatly it on a table for others to enjoy? Or ask your child's art teacher if they need any newspapers for cleanup or magazines for collages? Do you live near a nursing home who might be grateful for your magazines? You don't need to drop them off one at a time, but can save up a stack and take them over all at once.

I don't subscribe to any print materials these days, but I've been the happy recipient of many shared reading materials, and these I've passed along to others many times, too.

Do you subscribe to anything? Do you have any ideas for creatively passing things along? I'd love to hear.

PS. Other things can circulate, too. :)