Compost Beauty

Beautiful compost from Community Composting

On most days, the inside of my compost bucket looks like... a compost bucket: moldy, decomposing, and really a bit unpleasant. Either that or it's empty, because the old one was just picked up. There's not a whole lot of beauty to be found in mine, besides the conceptual beauty of keeping organic waste out of the landfill. Recently, I found these photographs of beautiful compost buckets on the Community Compost Instagram feed. Brightly colorful, artfully arranged, full of peels and browning flowers... they're gorgeous.

Beautiful compost from Community Composting

I talk about compost a lot on this blog, which might be because I'm obsessed with compost. This is something a friend said about me when introducing me at a zero waste get-together this past weekend. I thought, "Wait, am I obsessed with compost? (Yes). Did people notice? (Apparently). Is that an insult? (Not really)." But yes, I'll admit it, I am.

You can read more about my compost routine in my city apartment here, if you're curious. If you'd like to start composting but aren't sure where to start, here are a few resources that might be helpful:

Compost resources:

-How I Compost: This series I ran last year offers a peek into how folks around the world approach composting using different methods and tools. See how Shia uses worms to compost at her home in Germany, how Jane composts in her backyard in the United States, how Amira composts at her home in Turkey, and more. 

-Where to Compost: This directory of compost options in the United States and Canada aims to corral the diverse resources and compost pick-up providers into one easy guide. See if your city is on the list!

-Chicago residents: We have a billion (aka, at least twelve) composting options here, which work for apartment dwellers, condo-ers, homeowners, and the like. You can find them all here, including some tips on choosing the option that's best for you.

-Rochester, NY residents: If you live in or near Rochester, New York, you could compost with Community Composting, whose photos are featured above!

-And for the compost obsessed: Now that we've noted there's no shame in numbering amongst the slightly compost obsessed, you can read all my past posts on compost here (including tips for how to compost on the go, at work, more ideas for how to do so at home, etc!).

We can't all have beautiful, flower-strewn compost... but most of us can, in fact, have compost of some sort. As my friend Jenny noted recently, we can't currently do much about a certain garbage president, but in the meantime we can do something about our own literal garbage. Compost on, friends.