Guide to Composting Locations Throughout the United States

Much like my guide to grocery stores where you can shop package-free, I’ve been working on putting together a guide to where you can compost throughout the country. And today, I'm excited to finally share it with you! If you live in a house with a yard, you may have a backyard compost heap. But if you live in a city, don’t have a yard, or are traveling to a new place, figuring out where to deposit your food scraps for compost can be tricky. I’m lucky to live in a city with great resources for this, and I want to help connect you to resources in your town or on the road. Finding a place to compost, especially while traveling, can be really hit-or-miss, but I hope that this guide can start to change that. It features many cities across the United States, including links to residential compost services that will help you compost at home if a backyard compost pile isn't possible or practical for you, as well as drop-off sites where you can deposit smaller amounts of compost while traveling.

You can take a look the guide here, if you’re interested. And, if you click the “Where to Compost” button in the sidebar at right, it will take you to the guide any time you'd like!

Many thanks to those who contributed their suggestions and tips. Have another idea to share? Even a tip as small as a bin at your school or workplace where people can leave smaller amounts of food scraps is helpful - I want to make this a really comprehensive resource that anyone can turn to, even on-the-go. Leave it in the comments and I’ll add it!