Where Do You Compost?

Last week, I shared what I’ve been working on over the last few months: a guide to where to shop for package-free goods throughout the United States. I've found it helpful to use this guide as resource as I strive to stay zero waste on travels and adventures throughout the country - I hope it is helpful to you, too.

Equally important to staying waste-free is composting, which enables you to skip tossing food into the garbage can in favor of allowing it to decompose back into rich soil. All that circle of life type stuff, you know. Similar to the shopping guide I put together, I’m also working on a guide to where you can compost throughout the United States - both residential composting services for at-home use (if keeping a compost pile in the backyard is impossible or impractical - for example, I live in an apartment!), as well as locations where you can drop off smaller amounts of compost while traveling.

I’d love your help: If you don’t maintain a backyard compost pile, where do you compost in your city or hometown? Do you use a pickup service? Do you drop off your compost somewhere? Are there go-to places with compost bins that you use when traveling to a favorite location?

I’ll add your suggestions to the guide so that we can all benefit from them - thank you so much for sharing your ideas. I’m launching the full, state-by-state guide in February, so stay tuned!