DotCup Giveaway

DotCup zero waste menstrual cup | Litterless

Last week when I went to a panel discussion about natural ways to support healthy periods, I got to meet the Betsy, the woman behind Dot Cup. Dot Cup is a Chicago-based company that launched in March that makes menstrual cups with a get one, give one model.

When Betsy offered up a cup to give away on Litterless, I jumped at the chance. This post isn't sponsored; I just think they do great work and wanted to share. A few things to love: the cups are black (no more staining!), they come in a gorgeous artist-designed pouch made of cotton (many of the other brands feature synthetic pouches, why?), they're made in the United States (just a state away from me - Wisconsin!), and for every cup purchased they give a cup to girls and schoolteachers in places where menstrual products are hard to come by. On the panel, Betsy noted that the first shipment (of 1,500 cups!) is going out to a school in Zambia later this summer.

There are many menstrual cups out there, and choosing one is so personal - based on fit, size options, and affordability, among many other factors. I haven't used a Dot Cup myself; since cups last for up to ten years, I'm still using the trusty one I first started using several years ago. But in case you're thinking of making the switch or need a new one of your own, Betsy is giving away one Dot Cup to a reader in the United States. To enter, just comment below before next Tuesday, June 12, and I'll randomly select a winner. Good luck! The winner has been randomly drawn and notified (congrats to Alicia!). Thanks to all who entered.

Update: If you don't want to leave a new menstrual cup up to chance, Betsy is kindly offering folks $5 off their purchase with code LITTERLESS