Edible Landscaping

One of the nice parts about living in a city where I can walk almost everywhere I need to go each day is the chance to creep on everyone’s landscaping. There are some beautiful plantings in my neighborhood – overflowing windowboxes and manicured terraces abound.

My very favorite, though, is to walk around the city and see food being grown. I’ve seen planter boxes overflowing with kale, collards, and chard. Others feature rosemary or sage tucked among the flowers. Some displays are entirely edible; others weave edible plants among other decorative ones. I’m not sure how much of these get eaten, but I love the sentiment that no matter where we live, we can grow little bits and pieces of the food we eat – and that plants grown for food can be just as beautiful, or maybe more so, than the other things we grow just for decoration.

In that vein, lately I've been collecting a few examples of beautiful edible landscaping that have been inspiring me. Photographs of food grown both indoors and out. Some inspiration for us all next year, I guess. You can see more photographs and ideas on the topic here, if you'd like!

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