How I Compost: Ella


Next up in How I Compost, NYC-dweller Ella tells us her composting routine. Here's Ella:

As someone who lives in NYC it's not as easy to do backyard or vermicomposting, especially with a lot of roommates (who do not compost). I am whole-foods vegan so pretty much everything I eat, if there are food scraps or leftover bits, can all be composted. I keep my bounty in the freezer in a compostable bag so it doesn't start to smell. I am fortunate enough to live in a spot that has a couple of compost options during the week. Wednesday mornings, near the subway entrance outside my apartment there is someone from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden who has a compost station set up. I drop it off then and additionally on Saturdays during my weekly farmer's market trip. The drop-off is free at both the farmer's market and the station outside my apartment. You can drop off compost at all the markets around the city all year round on whatever day the market is running (in the winter, too). I think in some areas of Brooklyn they're even rolling out curbside compost pickup, but it hasn't quite reached my neck of the woods.

Thanks for sharing, Ella! NYC residents can find more information about local composting here, as well as a guide to food scrap drop-off sites herePhotograph via the Union Square Greenmarket