Fall in Northern Indiana

Fall in northern Indiana | Litterless

I traveled to northern Indiana last weekend to meet up with family there, and I loved soaking up views of the countryside on walks, runs, and drives. Chicago's pretty great, but fields of wild grasses like the above are sorely missing in my daily life.

Today I'm sharing a few links, as well as some encouragement to spend time outdoors today: do a few minutes of yoga in the closest park, or walk to one errand instead of driving, or sit on your stoop and just breathe it in. September's so good - let's not miss it.


-Bea at Zero Waste Home shares some zero waste tips for students heading back to college.

-Since starting this project, my cleaning materials have become more sustainable and less toxic...and prettier, too. This post really resonated with me - and could her photography be more stunning?

-Trying really hard to live in the first half of this mental list.

Hope you're having a sweet week, friends.