Farm Stand Visit

In summer, my kitchen relies more on farmers markets, farm stands, and homegrown foods than on my nearby grocery stores. I look around for the reddest tomatoes, softest peaches, biggest bunches of herbs.

These are a few scenes from one of my favorites spots in my hometown of Indianapolis, Locally Grown Gardens. It's a beautiful and welcoming space, always full of seasonal produce, beautiful garden wares and home goods, and freshly baked pies. The blackboard above the counter in the tells what's in season each month of the year. Lines of tomatoes gleam rosily on most of the tables. The baskets make me itch to walk out the door with one on my arm and go berry picking. 

The doors and windows are always open in the summer, meaning you don't get that chilly grocery store effect that makes you wish you'd worn jeans and a sweater. This place is a good one. I love stopping by.