Favorites, Lately

While I'm off on vacation, I wanted to leave you with a few of my favorite pieces around the Internet lately... some zero waste themed, some not. Happy reading!

-My friend Sally wrote two beautiful, thoughtful posts about transitioning to a more sustainable home slowly & simply - not just zero waste, but in all areas. Read them here, if you'd like!

-A few weeks back, Common Good shared fifteen days of easy green cleaning tips - the kind where you already have all the necessary ingredients hanging out in your kitchen - and I learned SO much. Check their ideas out here (you'll have to click back a couple of weeks - this is where the series starts).

-Danielle's series "Interviews with a Minimalist" offer a peek into how other people (including me!) do minimalism. Their thoughtful words and beautiful images have given me so much inspiration. I especially love this one and this one.

-If only my lunches looked this good. Something to try for, certainly.

-I love Jane's series titled "Multifunctional in the Kitchen," where she shares how she and her family keep the number of kitchen gadgets in their home to a minimum by creatively repurposing what they do have. A good reminder that it can be so useful to look at old things with a new eye before purchasing a replacement. Check out a few posts in the series hereherehere, and here.

-I'm always looking for tips on traveling with more ease, ones that go beyond the obvious like "pack light!". These are thoughtful, some kind of weird, and awesome.

-In praise of thrift shopping. (Amen!)

-Finally, more reading, if you missed these past posts: tips for planning ahead to stay zero waste, ideas for outdoor adventures (and, from Rachel, some thoughts on why they matter), and zero waste city guides for summer travel.

What reads around the web have stuck with you lately? I'd love to hear. Hope you're having a great week!

Photograph above from, literally, a walk in the park - I was thrilled to stumble upon these public compost bins.