For Nonprofits

If you look to the sidebar at right, you'll notice something new, called "nonprofit sponsors"! I've been thinking about how I can use this space to support nonprofit organizations doing the important advocacy work that makes our country and world better. With this in mind, last month I reached out to a few of my favorite small, zero-waste friendly businesses to ask them if they'd like to purchase ad space on my blog for a cause. The deal is this: they gave money to a small nonprofit organization they love, and in turn I'm sharing their ads pro bono!

I'm so grateful to them for partnering with me to support nonprofits. The amazing companies featured this month are:

Marble & Milkweed.

From her New York City studio, Marble & Milkweed's owner Briar hand makes apothecary goods that are organic, fair trade, and gloriously natural. If you'd like, try her nourishing body oil made with hints of fir and cedar for dry winter skin, beautiful vintage tea strainers to make your morning cup a bit more soothing, or a green tea face mask in a glass jar that's useful even once empty. When possible, goods are packaged in compostable paper or versatile glass jars that you can reuse again and again. If you'd like, you can read more about the very thoughtful philosophy behind their products here. Marble & Milkweed donated to Project EATS, a New York City-based organization that uses art, urban farming, and more to build community and work toward an equitable distribution of resources.


Tiny Yellow Bungalow.

Owner Jessie's online shop offers a selection zero waste essentials that can often be hard to find locally, like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bulk and produce bags, travel utensils, charcoal water filtration sticks, and bar shampoo. Especially if you're new to zero waste, this online shop is a wonderful place to explore because it can be a one-stop shop for all of the things you might need. And, her zero waste gift guide can help you track down a sustainable gift, no matter the recipient. All packages from Tiny Yellow Bungalow are shipped in reused, non-plastic mailers or boxes - you can read more about their awesome shipping policy here. Jessie gave to the Athens Land Trust, an organization that works for conservation and environmental justice in the Athens, Georgia area.


Fillaree makes small-batch soaps and cleansers for your body and home that are safe, sustainable, and refillable. They're based in North Carolina but are expanding to other states; in the meantime, they sell online using packaging and shipping practices that produce minimal waste. They even package some of their products in label-less bottles, which are perfect for reuse. I'd love to try their body butter, which comes in a mason jar that would find a good home in my kitchen once the contents were used up. If you'd like, you can find a list of their current stores here and all of the products they offer here. Fillaree donated to Don't Waste Durham!, which works within the Durham community to reduce single-use packaging waste and raise awareness about an alternative to our current disposable-heavy consumption model.

Do you have a small business that might be interested in participating? I'd love to chat - send me an email!