Homemade French Fries

Remember my recipe for homemade baked sweet potato fries awhile back? Well, it works for regular fries, too! I would never make fries at home if I had to, well, fry them (way too much effort). But, the baked versions are just as delicious to me, perhaps a little more so because I don't feel the slightest bit badly about eating them (I mean, they're technically just roasted vegetables).

For this batch, I cut four red potatoes into strips, then doused them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and lots of paprika. You could also add garlic and cheese (halfway through the baking time), if you'd like. Then, I baked them for about 30 minutes at 450 degrees, turning them firmly once. Once they cooled (and by that I mean, like, one minute after they came out of the oven - who has the patience for longer?), we ate them with vegan mayonnaise from a glass jar. You can add garlic and call it "aioli" if you want to feel fancier.

One last tip with these - don't make more than you think you'll eat that day. Left overnight in the fridge, they dry out and the texture becomes not as pleasant. Which is sad, because I was pretty excited about my french fry leftovers. As one is.

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