Where Do You Grocery Shop?

One of the more challenging aspects of reducing the amount of trash I make has been finding places where I can get food, household, and hygiene products package-free. I’ve finally got it down: I purchase grains from the bulk aisle of my local Mrs. Green's, olive oil I decant into my own jars at the Dill Pickle Co-op, and I stock up on liquid dish soap at the Willy St. Co-op when visiting my boyfriend up in Madison, Wisconsin. It took me about a year to find out where I could purchase everything I needed package-free. Some stores simply don't have an aisle where you can purchase bulk ingredients; some stores with bulk aisles, like my local Whole Foods, don't allow you to fill containers brought from home, defeating the purpose. So, I wanted to give back by starting a list of grocery stores that let you bring your own bags and jars, with killer bulk aisles where you can get what you need package-free - I hope it’s helpful to you if you're looking to reduce the amount of trash you make and live more sustainably.

If you're curious, you can find my current list of grocery stores and where to purchase different package-free ingredients here. I've been working on an expanded version that features stores across the country, and I'd love to include your suggestions. So: got any hometown favorites to add to the list? Places where they have scales for taring jars brought from home, or where the cashiers smile at you when you show up toting produce in cotton bags, or where you’ve been refilling the same sticky plastic honey bear for going on three years. Let me know where they are and what you can find in their bulk aisle, and I’ll add them as a resource so that other people in your area may have a slightly easier time transitioning to zero waste grocery shopping. Thank you so much for sharing and helping others find out where they get what they need trash-free.