Happy Holidays

Tips for a zero waste holiday season | Litterless

Plants have been watered and fingers crossed that they'll be alive when I get back... and I'm off, traveling to spend the holidays with my family. If you'd like, you can follow along with what I'm up to on Instagram, or I'll be back here with a new post at the end of December. In the meantime, a few posts to peruse as we head into the holiday season:

For the holidays:

-How to wrap presents, here, here, and here

-Zero waste hostess gift ideas. (Candles or bulk coffee beans, anyone?)

-Get a jump start on your zero waste resolutions. (I'm still working on #7, as evidenced by this post).

A simple guide to staying zero waste during the holidays | Litterless

For traveling:

-How to stay zero waste on flights and long flights, here. You already know the drill: snacks and water bottles, folks.

-Stock your car for a road trip. ("Vacation isn't the time to worry about being perfectly zero waste: I think it's a time to try to be generally zero waste, and to relax about the rest. But if you're loading up the car for a trip anyway, why not tuck in a few of the above items?").

-How to stay zero waste at a hotel. In one respect, at least.

-Package-free travel snack ideas, whether or not you've got a bulk aisle at your disposal.

-Zero waste city guides. (Escape the house and do something fun!). 

For staying cozy, wherever you are:

-Zero waste tea, three ways

-Take home a coffee or hot chocolate from your favorite spot.

-And, speaking of chocolate...

And, lastly, it's never more important than in this month of the year to give yourself grace and ditch the guilt when your best-laid plans to zero waste fall by the wayside. Traveling, being a guest in someone's home, gift-giving, parties: all can make it hard to stay zero waste. You try your best, you win some and lose some, you try again next year. That's my plan, at least. Do you have any tips for staying zero waste during the holidays to share?