Trip to Ireland

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, rainy Ireland on our trip last week. We spent a week hiking between tiny towns on the southwestern coast (highlights: stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean like the ones below, walking through pastures filled with sheep and cows, spending so much time in the open air, and stopping at my favorite coffee shop ever, in Bantry); then, we spent the following week exploring the town of Killarney, near the Kerry peninsula (highlights: the greenhouse of my dreams found at an old manor home, watching the fog roll in over the mountains, spotting wildflowers growing in every space possible, eating delicious risotto, and drinking many cups of tea).

Traveling to a new country and trying to stay zero waste was tricky from the transatlantic flight onward, but worth it. Planning ahead while stateside helped me avoid disposable plastic water bottles (two Nalgenes filled at the airport water fountains just before the long flight overseas seemed to do the trick), restaurant meals and grocery trips for fresh fruit kept food-related trash to a minimum, my spork was a trusty aid in many situations, and my tips on what to bring while hiking turned out to be tried and true on the walking portion of our trip. Next time, I think low-waste travel abroad will go even more smoothly. Any tips from your travels to share with the rest of us? Are you going anywhere fun this summer? I'd love to hear. Back next week with more posts!