DIY Lavender Sachets

In comes the cold, out come the sweaters. To protect my woolens from tiny moth holes, I use homemade lavender sachets. 

They’re simple to make – over a few years, I’ve saved the little cotton bags that come with jewelry purchases or that hold spare buttons onto new clothing. (You can also make your own out of spare fabric, or purchase them).

Filled with a few tablespoons each of lavender to ward off moths, I tuck them into drawers, pockets of cardigans, or hang them on the tops of hangers. Each fall I empty out the sachets, compost the old lavender, and fill it with lovely strong-smelling fresh lavender. I tie the sachets shut with string so that they're easy to refill each year and the lavender doesn't spill out everywhere.

This years’ lavender I bought in bulk at Willy Street Co-op in Madison, but next year I’d love to purchase it at the farmers’ market or grow my own. This is an easy way to care for my things, and a pleasant fall ritual each year.