Letting Clothing Go

On letting go of clothing and buying secondhand | Litterless

I've spent some time lately going through my closet - removing summer clothing to be stored for next year, adding back in some winter and fall staples (and then digging a few pairs of shorts back out when September's weather turns fickle, naturally). Along with this seasonal swap, I've been using a few spare moments to set things right in my wardrobe: mending holes, washing sweaters, clipping stray threads, and making sure that the items in there are ones that I actually wear.

Like many people, I'm good at getting rid of things that are egregiously out-of-date, but I have a harder time parting with clothes that I like but that just aren't quite right for me. The gray shirt above I liked the color of but never really the cut. The pink flowered dress is beautiful, but in what season do you wear a dress that is both sleeveless and a heavy wool knit? The chambray shirts, for years beloved, are now too small after repeated washings. So, despite the things I like about them all, I'm letting them go, putting them back into circulation where I hope they'll be picked up by a girl for whom they're just right, who wears them to pieces like they should be.

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