Low-Waste Options

I often hear from readers who live in small towns or places without a great bulk selection, wondering what they can do to make less trash and buy fewer things in packaging. The standard zero waste answer to questions of what to purchase is: but it in bulk, make it yourself from ingredients bought in bulk, or do without it. I'm slowly realizing that if you don't have bulk options near you though, that answer is not helpful. At all. So, I'm starting a new series where I research and review sustainable alternatives to household staples, to help you find the best alternatives if you aren't able to purchase something truly package-free. What matters is that we all do the best we can - not that we try to go without chocolate, or quinoa, or shampoo, because it's not sold package-free anywhere nearby.

I'll be back on Thursday with the first installment: laundry detergent! And, I'd love to hear what else you'd like me to cover, too. PS - also taking ideas for names for this series. Because "sustainable alternatives when you can't find something in bulk" doesn't really do the trick.