Five Simple Ways to Green Your Morning Routine

Slowly (for years... think tortoise speed), I've been working on cleaning and greening my morning routine. I've been weaning myself off beauty products with long and questionable ingredients list, seeking simpler and healthier alternatives, things packaged in recyclable materials or no materials at all. Today, I'm sharing five simple ways to make your beauty routine more zero waste, if you'd like to see:

-Ditch tissues. In favor of handkerchiefs, which are reusable indefinitely and prettier to boot. Get the lowdown here on how to make the switch (it's easy!).

-Update your deodorant. The aluminum that makes traditional antiperspirants so...antiperspirant has been shown to be a possible cause of breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Since I promise that no one worth your time actually cares if you smell 100% good or only 95% good, switch to a safer product. This and this come in recyclable containers, which is great (and I've used both over the years, and recommend them highly for both effectiveness and gentleness). I've since switched to making my own, which is zero waste and sustainable!

-Oil? Oil is what lotion wants to be when it grows up. Free of the nasty chemicals and stabilizers that come with most lotions, oil delivers moisture to your skin without the harmful byproducts. I use jojoba oil to moisturize my face and almond oil on my body. Both can be purchased in the bulk aisle of some grocery stores, without packaging.

-Recyclable containers. Most makeup containers are meant to head straight to the landfill after use, rather than being recycled. Search around for brands that are nontoxic and recyclable, and you'll have taken a big step in the right direction. I love the makeup from RMS Beauty. It's pricey, but it's organic, free of toxins, and the packaging is recyclable. I use RMS concealer, lip color, and luminizer.

-Bar soap. Bar soap can be purchased package-free almost anywhere. I get mine at grocery stores, local stores, while traveling, etc. It's such an easy sustainability win. I use it on my face, body, and hands. Ditch the plastic pump bottle and keep a bar in the kitchen, by the bathroom sink, and in the shower.

What other tips would you add? You can read more posts on transitioning to a zero waste bath and beauty routine, here.