Making a New Home

A few weeks ago, I moved to a new apartment. I love the process of settling in, of putting things away and then putting them away again when I think oh, maybe this would fit better here, or be easier to reach there. Last time I moved, I was transitioning to a tiny space, so I mainly just shuttled my stuff from one apartment to the next, unpacked my boxes, and called it done. This time, though, I've moved to a larger apartment, and so now the process of making a new home also includes furnishing it.

In thinking about furnishings, I've tried to balance wanting my home to feel settled and finished as soon as possible with knowing that taking a slower approach to furnishing it will allow me more time to get acquainted with what I might need for my new space and what I really don't. Holding out for a few weeks until I found a set of patio furniture that felt right meant forgoing several weeks of porch sitting before I stumbled upon what I wanted - but it also meant paying less, finding a used set with less of an environmental footprint, and feeling really good about what I finally selected and brought home. On the other hand, dilly-dallying earlier in the summer about what couch to buy means that after work I'm still stuck relaxing on a wooden kitchen chair while I wait for my sofa to be built.

Regardless of when and what I need to gather to help make my home comfortable and functional, I'm trying to make thoughtful, considered purchases without falling down the rabbit hole of being unable to choose, of waiting so long for the exact right thing to come along that I never end up with what I need. Wanting to fill my home with things I love and use makes it hard to settle for things that aren't just right, but sometimes that can be the better choice, too.

Either way, I love my new home. It's bright and calm, filled with plants and books and kitchen tools and just what I need and not too much else. Making a new home also means noticing the morning light through the windows and the way the locust tree just outside my big windows makes me feel like I'm in a treehouse or a secret hideout. It means going ahead and hosting guests in my sofa-less living room anyway. Spreading out at my dining room table to work. Feeling more relaxed each night as I get inside, drop my keys, and slip off my shoes.

A few of my favorite bloggers have smart things to say about making a home, too: thisthis, this, and this are some of the posts that have helped shaped my thinking or just have clicked with me recently, mostly thoughts on small changes in the home that can really matter. And, I'd love to hear how you approach settling in and making your home feel like yours - has anyone else moved recently, too?