Homemade Nut Milk

If I could wave a magic wand and make one thing appear in stores near me in bulk, I'd pick... package-free nut milk! (Also. Curious what you would use your bulk magic wand to conjur: spill, please?) Nondairy milk is one of the very few things I haven't been able to find package-free, and the one that I miss the most (other contenders: seaweed, tofu, miso, tortilla chips, and perfume/makeup/other cosmetics!). But though it seems daunting, making homemade nut milk is actually pretty quick and simple, and I'm trying to make it a priority so that I can enjoy it more often with tea and on granola.

Here's how I do it:

1. Soak raw, unsalted nuts in water overnight. Almonds and cashews work best for this, but you can also try hazelnuts (for a Nutella-like flavor), pistachios, or another favorite nut.

2. Come morning (or, about eight hours after you started them soaking), drain the water from the nuts and stick them in your blender with a heaping helping of fresh water. If you'd like, you can search the web for precise nut-to-water ratios, but I find that keeping things simple and minimizing the steps involved helps ensure I'll actually make nut milk instead of just hoping to. Ergo, I eyeball it.

3. Blend the nuts until the water is milky and the nuts are chopped into small pieces. An immersion blender would also work here.

4. Strain the mixture. I strain mine through an organic cotton bag courtesy of Gaia Guy, which is the easiest way I know how - you can also use a cheesecloth set over a strainer, but that's a little more fiddly.

5. Totally optional (and therefore, in my kitchen, always totally skipped): add flavoring, like a little sweetener, vanilla, or even cocoa. Yum!

Two final tips:

-Save the remnants of the nuts for homemade granola, protein bars, dessert bites - it's essentially nut meal, which can be so useful.

-And, nut milk bags also work for making homemade coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, green juice, and even cold brew coffee! So many beverage options, people.

Swingtop bottles washed and ready to be filled with homemade almond milk.