New Years' Resolutions for the Planet


This year, I have two small (but not easy, necessarily) goals for increasing my impact in the realm of, ah, decreasing my impact:

First, do better in small ways. Keep phasing out older habits and replacing them with better ones. Grow a little more of my own food, or get a little more familiar with browsing Craigslist for secondhand items that I need, or keep providing resources and encouraging people in this space. Little things matter, and when I go slowly, the changes I make seem to stick better.

Secondly - and this more of a this past November resolution than an January one -  I want to be more involved in environmental change (and other types of change) outside of this blog. I've taken to calling my Congresspeople each week and making my stance on issues known. And I want to keep finding new ways to be a good citizen and make my voice heard on a daily basis. (And help make sure others' voices keep mattering, too). I'd love to hear your ideas on how you approach this one, so I can incorporate a few new tactics into my daily work.

And, if you're looking for a few concrete and actionable ways to decrease your environmental impact in your daily life, last year I shared a list of simple ideas (like "switch to reusable coffee cups" or "reduce your food waste"). I still like that post and am still working on some of those resolutions, too. See them here, if you're interested.

Do you have any thoughts on what you'll do this year? I'd love to hear what you're working toward. You know my motto - progress, not perfection. Here's to a year of doing as much good as we can.

Photograph of wintery Lake Michigan.