A Cup for You, a Cup for a Friend

OrganiCup zero waste menstrual cup | Litterless

This week, we’ve been moving into our new apartment in Madison. Hanging up clothing, setting aside duplicate spatulas to donate, finding a shelf for the food processor that won’t cause it to topple on our heads every time we open the cabinet. We love our space, but it’s a bit short on storage, and combining two apartments into one doesn’t help matters. Where possible, we’re paring down.

In our bathroom, space is especially at a premium. In my old Chicago apartment, favorite beauty products cohabitated alongside balms or lip colors I used once every month, if ever. With plenty of space to stack everything (precariously), it was easy to keep things around just in case. In our new bathroom in Madison, not so much. I’ve admitted that my bright red and very old RMS lip tint will never be one I wear, and into the recycling it went. Ditto a particularly unloved pot of lotion, and so on.

Whether in my Chicago bathroom or Madison one, though, one thing I’m happy to never have taking up space again: pads and tampons. Everyone with a period is familiar with the stacks of unsightly paper or plastic wrappers accumulating in drawers: different weights, different styles, ones bought in an emergency and favorite organic ones stalked at a local health-foods grocery. Having enough on hand could mean filling a drawer, and there are much nicer ways to fill a drawer, of course.

OrganiCup zero waste menstrual cup | Litterless

It took me a few years of hearing friends rave about it to finally hop on the menstrual cup bandwagon. First a friend in college told me about it years ago, then another friend mentioned she loved it, then I jumped on board and started telling other friends about it, too.

It’s easier to try something new and break out of your routine when a friend is doing it alongside. When I first started using a menstrual cup, I didn’t know too many others who used them, too. Now, to most of the women I’m friends with, they’re the new normal. No need to hide them in a drawer so the red stains don’t freak someone out, no need to preface statements about a menstrual cup with the phrase “I recently switched to this weird thing…”, no need to Google questions in a private browser when simply texting a pal will yield answers. It’s so good.

That’s why I loved the idea that OrganiCup recently reached out to me to share. They make silicone menstrual cups that come in a GOTS-certified organic cotton bag. This week, they’re offering a 2-for-1 package on menstrual cups so that you and a friend, sibling, or partner can take the plunge together. Just add their menstrual cup to your cart between now and July 17, and another one will automatically be added to your order when you use the code litterless.

OrganiCup zero waste menstrual cup | Litterless

You can buy one for yourself and casually hand one to your younger sis, text a friend to go in on an order together and split the cost, or even keep the extra in your desk at work just in case. They offer a cup in two sizes: A, for women who haven’t given birth vaginally, and B, for those who have. Just note that because the cup already in your cart will be doubled, you won’t be able to mix and match cup sizes in your deal.

To grab your two cups, use the code litterless between now and the end of the day on July 17. And if you’ve got questions about switching to a cup, leave them below (anonymously or pseudonymously is fine!) and I’ll do my best to answer!

This post is sponsored by OrganiCup. Thanks so much for supporting Litterless.