What can we do?

In the face of problems that seem overwhelming, insurmountable, what can we do? It sometimes seems like nothing I do will make a difference, but I know that I have to do something. This post last week on a blog I love illustrates the point so, so well.

In college, I led an environmental club, and was frustrated at how slow and challenging it was to make incremental sustainability changes even at a small school. But just a few months ago, several years after I graduated, a new greenhouse was finished and opened on campus - something I worked toward and didn't think would end up actually happening. It has an attached classroom and meeting area, and will help make space for learning and discussions of food and farming and local production and plant biology and sustainability. Thinking about the finished greenhouse space makes me swell with happiness.

My friend and coworker texted me excitedly last month when she signed up for a composting service. My dad now uses reusable handkerchiefs. My mom has tucked a reusable fork and napkin in her purse. My boyfriend uses a Klean Kanteen instead of paper cups for coffee on the go.

All over the world, people are doing something. It's a good reminder to keep on keeping on.