Plastic-Free Bread Storage?

Plastic free bread storage | Zero waste kitchen

Zero waste people: HOW DO YOU STORE YOUR BREAD. I'm not happy with my current method, and I'm sure one of you has an answer I've been looking for. Let me explain:

I'm happy with the routine I have in place for buying bread. I head to the farmers' market or bakery or merely the bakery section of the grocery store, and pop a loaf into my own bag like the one pictured above. These breads tend to be so much tastier than the supermarket pre-sliced, pre-bagged versions anyway, and at some stores and bakeries I can even ask them to slice the loaf for me. Convenient! (But that's where my really where expertise ends).

When I get the cloth-bound bread home, it lasts for two days on my kitchen counter tops before beginning to dry out. Many's the time I've forgotten about a loaf during a busy week and picked it up to find it curiously rock-hard, fit for nothing but a crouton or crostini. And those are beautiful things, but sometimes I want sandwiches. And toast that doesn't shatter into a thousand shards when I bite it. And other things that bread is for.

Plastic free bread storage | Zero waste kitchen

What I currently do about that problem is this: I cadged a large ziploc bag from a family member, and it's my go-to for bread storage. I pop the cloth-wrapped bread in there, seal it up, and the bread lasts so much longer. However, the bag is getting increasingly ratty: it's splitting down the sides, and I think there's got to be a method that doesn't require me to pilfer a plastic bag from friends and family every few months. (Also, to be frank, it's not a solution that's lovely to look at. And sometimes you just want that, you know?).

Of course, I recognize this isn't the biggest of deals. Instead of seeking out the ideal zero waste bread storage solution, you could call it good enough and move on - which is perfectly fine, too. There are other things to do, like calling your elected officials and going on a summer walk and sitting down with a bowl of blueberries and finally getting around to doing the dishes. I wholeheartedly support all of those things.

But, if you have a good idea, would you share? A few other solutions that I've seen floating around: wrapping bread in Bee's Wrap (are there even sheets big enough for a full loaf?). A breadbox (do these actually work?). Placing the bread under a cake or cheese dome (love this idea, but my apartment doesn't have enough counter space to house this comfortably).

So: what do you do with your bread? I'll accept my solution if I must, but I have a hunch one of you knows something better. I'd love to hear.