Safety Razor


I've only recently gotten on the stainless steel razor bandwagon. I had a few older plastic razors from before I began making the move away from disposables, and I was intent on using them up before purchasing a new, long-lasting one. But, a friend pointed out that I could save the plastic razors to take on airplane trips when a safety razor with removable razor blades might be frowned upon. So, I've now entered the land of single-blade shaving. And, ouch, you guys! I've had a hard time getting the hang of it and have quite a few nicks on my legs to prove it.

So, I want to hear your tips for making it easy and pain-free. I haven't used shaving cream in years, but I'm starting to think I should use something. Do you use bar soap? What kind? Any other tricks you swear by? Please share - I'd love to hear.