City Garden: Saving Seeds

First, a puzzle: can you guess what the seeds above are? Maybe if I tell you they're both from herbs? Answer at the bottom of the post.

This year for the first time, I've harvested a few seeds from my garden to save for next year. I haven't done any research about it, haven't been watching and waiting on my plants to go to seed - just when I notice that one is offering up drying seeds, I shake or pick them off and store them in those tiny jars above. I'm planning to store these jars in the back of my cabinet all winter, away from light so that they stay strong and hearty.

I'm looking forward to planting the seeds early next summer and seeing what happens, an experiment of sorts. Maybe they'll grow, maybe they won't. Either way I'll have learned something about my garden. It's an exciting thing to me to think about eating food from seeds saved, not bought. It feels like the ultimate DIY, a very satisfying project.

And, your answers: On the right, coriander seeds from cilantro. On the left, dill seeds. The dill seeds are tiny and I think I have a hundred or more. I'm excited to see how they turn out next summer.