Want To Share Your City?

I've often thought that one of the harder parts of zero waste is travel - when you don't know where to shop for bulk groceries, can't find a place to drop off your compost, aren't sure if you'll pop into a perfectly respectable looking restaurant only to find out they serve on styrofoam. The best travels are spontaneous and joyful, not restricted by what you can and can't do - but still, it's helpful to have some ideas and hints in your back pocket. To that end, I've been creating a series of zero waste city guides to share pointers on where to shop and compost when traveling (as well as bonus ideas, like the best local meals or out-of-the-way parks).

But, I can only travel so many places - alas! - making my guides fewer and more far between than I might wish. So, I was wondering: would you like to share a guide to your favorite city or your beloved hometown on Litterless? It's as easy as rounding up a list of your go-to groceries and favorite eateries, and it would be a fun chance to show other readers what's so wonderful about your hometown. If you'd like to, let me know! I'd love to feature it.