Zero Waste Resources Near You

Last week, I met up with a few zero waste folks who live in the same city I do, and it was so lovely to chat about things we've found to be more difficult and to swap tips for approaching these areas. One of the ideas that we floated around was how regionally specific zero waste efforts can be - how far you're able to go in terms of buying food/household supplies in bulk without packaging as well as setting up a composting system both depend so much on where you live.

To that end, I wanted to plug a project I feel strongly about - keeping a national guide to where you can buy items in bulk near you and of composting options that exist in each state throughout the U.S. If you're still looking for zero waste resources in your area, these might be a good place to start.

And, if you have a favorite grocery store or compost service that's not on the list, would you please leave a quick comment on this post with the name (and if it's a store, what you can find there in bulk)? I'll get it added so it can help others in your area, too (good karma!).

PS - if you're new to composting, next week I'll be sharing five different methods for home composting, so hopefully you can find one that works for you. Stay tuned!

Photograph of Chicago, where I live/shop/compost. Probably not where you live/shop/compost. But that's okay :)