a month of simplifying.

My biggest goal for this year is to slow way down (though how that gels with my goals to work out more, travel more, and spend more time with friends does, admittedly, remain to be seen). Last year was a big, wonderful year: full of meeting new friends, traveling often, working hard, and gaining a better sense of what I want my life to look like and where I want to go. But with all of that, the year felt at times frenetic; an ever-present to do list meant that I wasn't able to be as present or as rested as I wanted to be.

I knew at the close of last year that I wanted the pace of my life to look different this year, but not knowing exactly how to do that or even if it's possible. But, one way to make a big change is to change a lot of smaller pieces - chipping away slowly until little by little I realize I'm getting closer to where I want to be. So, this month I've resolved to do that: each day, I'll do one very small thing to make my life a little calmer, easier, more peaceful, and more intentional.

A few of the possibilities on my mind:

-Take several bags of old items to the thrift store
-Cook a recipe that uses up a pantry good I've had for too long (black lentils, I'm coming for you!)
-Clear out my email drafts folder and the notes on my phone
-Spend a weekend internet-free
-Clean out my electronics drawer, donating things that aren't useful to me
-Jot a list of a few tasks that have been hanging over my head for months, and a timeline for getting them off my plate for good
-Identify a craft project that has been half-finished for too long, and finish it
-Clean out saved texts, emails, and letters that I no longer want
-Set up auto-payment for some bills, such as utilities
-Make it a point to use up an old gift card I've had for a while

In some ways, I think, this "to do" list for making my life simpler and easier is ironic...probably the absence of to do lists is what I'm really after. But, my poor Type A heart just doesn't work like that, and for now this is a way that resonates with me.

Any other ideas? What are you hoping this year will look like for you? I'd love to hear. Happy Friday, friends - hope your weekend is a good one.