Sustainability Podcasts for Holiday Travel

Sustainability podcasts for holiday travel | Litterless

What are you listening to these days? Tomorrow I’m headed away with my family for the holidays, and I’ve been stocking up my podcast queue, hoarding new episodes of old favorites and looking for new ones, too. In case you’re traveling, here are a few of the sustainability-themed podcasts I’ve loved this year:

-Live Planted: Alyssa is such a good interviewer, warm and wise and interested in going deep on topics related to veganism and living sustainably; listening to the show feels like chatting with a new friend. Recent faves of mine include a chat about cooking techniques that minimize food waste and a zero-waste Q&A. I spoke with Alyssa on the podcast a few weeks ago about environmentalism and joy and trash jars and more, which you can listen to here if you’d like.

-A Sustainable Mind: Sometimes I need help remembering that there’s a big environmental movement out there beyond zero waste. A Sustainable Mind’s host Marjorie Alexander talks to people working toward a sustainable world in so many ways, from farming to industrial design to corporate sustainability efforts. When I have some extra time, I’m looking forward to tuning in to this recent episode about climate adaptation.

Sustainability podcasts for holiday travel | Litterless

-Mothers of Invention: Mothers of Invention showcases female-driven solutions to climate change. (“Climate change is a man-made problem—with a feminist solution!”). Smart and funny Mary Robinson and Maeve Higgins talk to women around the world who are leading the fight for a stable climate. A place for finding new heroes, like Yvette Abrahams and Sarra Tekola.

-Slow Home Podcast: Host Brooke McAlary isn’t interested in doing things other people’s way; good, because I’m not either. Listening to how her family has slowly downshifted to choose a life slower and richer and lighter on the planet leaves me encouraged and inspired. If you’re feeling frantic and looking for ideas for slowing your holidays—or regular days—start here. (Her Australian accent is a balm to the winter-bound, too).

-Forever 35: Everyone’s favorite podcast just spoke with Natalie Harris of The Tiny Closet (listen here) about sustainable fashion, shopping less, and affording ethically made clothing. So often I think conversations about smaller closets and ethical fashion sound the same, but Natalie’s perspective was unique in many ways, and so fascinating.

What else is on your list for listening? Very happy holidays to you and yours.