Bring-Everywhere Tea Towel

My friend and coworker Elizabeth and I are each other's zero waste cheerleaders. Rarely a day goes by that we don't stop by one another's desk to share a story, idea, zero waste trick, or swap homemade or homegrown things we think the other might like.

One thing she does that works so well is carry a linen tea towel with her pretty much at all times. She uses it as a napkin, kitchen towel, hand dryer, spill wiper, produce carrier, and more - though not all at the same time, of course, and she has two so she can rotate a clean one in and out. This photograph beautifully illustrates how useful one can be.

Photograph of Elizabeth (you can follow her here, if you'd like) taken by my friend Omar. Her linen tea towel is from Fog Linen.