a homemade nut milk how-to.

I can be guilty of thinking that making certain foods at home can be a big time suck, when really they're not so bad - does anyone else find themselves doing this, too? I always think cooking dried beans is sort of a hassle (even though I do it all the time! and it's not!), and the same goes for making nondairy milk, like almond or oat milk. I love this video from Born Lucky Studios about how to make simple homemade almond milk, which makes the process seem just as easy as it really can be. Although maybe that's because it omits the cleaning-up process of fishing small almond chunks out of a nut milk bag, ha.

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Happy May, friends. Call your Congresspeople. Go to the farmers' market. Catch ya next week.

PS. One more cool thing - for Philly readers, Emily at Born Lucky also offers tips on where to shop and compost in the city on her blog, The Irregulars Workshop.