Trash Free, Eventually

How to get started going zero waste | Litterless

For the past year and a half, I've been working on limiting and eliminating the amount of trash I produce. I'm down to about a quart size bag every few months, filled with little things that are non-recyclable and non-compostable: plastic floss, clothing tags, jar seals, trash from houseguests, and other pieces from around the home that accumulate. As I run out of things, I try to replace them with versions that won't become landfill trash.

I've been surprised at how much I enjoy the challenge of rethinking my daily routines and purchases, as well as at how so much of it no longer feels like a challenge but instead is automatic, easy. When I see a banana peel lying in a garbage can, I feel a tiny jolt of confusion: I wonder for a moment how someone forgot to put it in the compost, before I remember that this is how food waste is typically discarded in America - for now, at least. It's been exciting to watch my paradigms shift and to feel that I'm expressing my environmental values through my lifestyle rather than solely through petition signatures.

In this journal, I'm looking forward to sharing thoughts, questions, and practical tips, and, even more so, learning from others.