Travel Tip: Bring Your Own Soap

Zero waste travel tip: bring your own soap | Litterless

If you're traveling later this week for Thanksgiving: drive (or fly) safely, and bring your own soap. If you're staying in a hotel, that is. It's easy to avoid the plastic- or paper-wrapped bar by the sink if you spend two minutes at home prepping your own.

Here's how I do it: I cut a small block off a bar of soap (purchased package-free), then pop it in a little tin to travel with. Last year I bit the bullet and bought a soap tin from Lush that was just the right size and shape, but I imagine you could use anything to hold the soap sliver: a plastic container, an Altoids tin, a small container from your kitchen, a small glass jar. The soap block should be big enough to last you awhile, but not so big that it adds significant bulk to your travel kit. I find that a one-inch square seems to be just right, but if you're packing for a family, you might want it to be a bit larger.

There are many ways that staying zero waste while traveling can be complicated and challenging: finding places to compost, navigating airport meals, all the unexpected things that can crop up. But avoiding overly packaged hotel soaps? It's an easy one.

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