A Zero Waste Valentine's


Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I'm so grateful to you for reading and commenting and following along, for writing your own blogs, emailing me with questions and tips, and just being here. Thank you, guys.

I like to celebrate with a meal at home with my partner (last year: homemade veggie burgers and sweet potato fries) and by sending copious e-valentines to my gal pals. (A few I love for this year: this, this, and this).

And, a couple of gift ideas for your love or a friend:

-Something for self care. Bath salts bought in bulk at Whole Foods, a jar of bulk tea, a healthy homemade treat, a plant to brighten up their bedroom, a beeswax candle.

-A donation in his or her name. To the ACLU, 350.org, Planned Parenthood, whatever floats his or her boat. Nothing sweeter these days, I don't think.

-Some pre-stamped blank postcards they can write to their congresspeople, if like me, your valentine has been texting you daily with mild to severe political freakouts.

-A commitment to love others just as much as you love him/her. (Goes great with the postcard gift above). Can be expressed by going to a protest, calling your congresspeople to ask them to stand for equal rights for all, showing up at a local town hall meeting, volunteering in your community, etc. etc. etc. forever and ever.

-A Spotify playlist made just for them, with all your favorite mushy songs. (Like this one).

Last year I shared a few more zero waste Valentine's Day ideas, too - see them here, if you'd like. Hope you have a good one, friends. Wishing you all the love and peace and happiness in the world.

Image via Paperless Post.