Charcoal Water Filters

How to filter water without plastic, zero waste style using a charcoal water filter | Litterless

The more Internet fearmongering I read, the more I'm convinced that I want my drinking water to be filtered. In case you feel similarly, I'm sharing how I filter my water without using a complicated built-in system, toxic materials, or wasteful packaging. Apologies to any Brita devotees out there, but as a personal note I've always felt a little iffy about filtering my water only to let it sit in a plastic container - it's just not my jam.

After researching a few options, I settled on Kishu charcoal sticks. They're simple to use, plastic-free, zero waste, and inexpensive. The wrapping they come in is compostable, and I'm able to find them at a local store. I keep a couple of glass carafes on hand, as the filters need to sit in the water for a day or so to be really effective. With some care, the filters last for four months. After four months, I compost them and start fresh with a new set.

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