Welcoming Autumn

Simple, zero waste ways to celebrate autumn | Litterless

All seasons are especially sweet at their beginnings. In the fall, I would wager you’re as charmed as I am by the quiet chill in the air in the mornings, the deep dark that creeps earlier into the evenings, the first tentative turnings of the leaves of the trees near your home.

Much as I love autumn, it’s an especially busy time at work. September has passed in a rush, though I know I was the one that hurried by, not the days themselves. So, I want to pay extra attention to these few months: to be present, to make time for the activities I love, to soak up the time of the year when things begin to turn inward and slow down.

I’d love to swap some simple ideas for celebrating the season without much fuss (or festive plastic tchotchkes from the dollar aisle). So, here’s what I’m planning for the next few weeks: bringing home greens and squash from the market, loving apples for their bright crunch, pulling handknit hats and scarves from the storage baskets where they passed the summer, spending time reading in the darkening twilights, walking to dinner with the people I love. Decorating my dining table with a pumpkin and then cooking and eating that gosh darn pumpkin as nature intended.

I hope this gives you a few ideas for welcoming fall without purchasing sprees or lofty Pinterested goals. After all, autumn did exist back before pumpkin spice lattes were even a half-articulated thought in a coffee marketer’s head. Though if you can’t imagine fall without one, order your drink “for here” and drink it in a wide ceramic mug in the coziest armchair that the coffee shop offers.

What else will you be doing this October? Would love to hear. More fall escapades, here and here.